About Us

Sama Al-gharbia Established in 2015, to the exclusive agent of Foton cars in Iraq which produces saloon and load cars, production cars buses and heavy equipment Sama Al-gharbia has become one of the most influential companies in the Iraqi market through its success in achieving a high sales ratio and made Foton a favorite car for many Iraqis. We have become a new option for those looking for a Job as a source of income for them Sama Al-gharbia confirms its success in providing a product that will change the lifestyle of Iraqis for the better.

Also the sales network of Sama Al-gharbia is considered the main network in iraq as there are more than 25 sales centers

China Foton international was established 1996, managed to be at the top ranks in the file of automotive commercial industry where production and sales achieving the highest yearly rate in 2004 by reaching the production level of one million cars.Currently, the company’s products cover a full range of commercial vehicles, including heavy, medium and light trucks as well as cars and buses.








  • Supplying the market with high-quality products appropriate for customer demand from every aspect and supported by great after sales services.

  • Satisfying the dealers for the aim of leadership in the market.

  • Creating sales and after sales, networks in compliance with international standards and ensuring the best purchasing experience with complete satisfaction.

     include  activities like importation sales after sales services production al distribution in different passenger cars markets and commercial vehicles and agricultural equipment to play role of  active partner in different market allover iraq.

    Also there are many projects under development like the third cars factory and the fourth factory to man facture trucks bodies in addition to improvement many show rooms. 


  • Fantastic place, wonderful customer service!! This dealership was wonderful!  to make sure I chose the car I that prolderne with. they gave me suggestions and After I decided on a car the remaining processes  were easy quick absolutely painless and professional. the end of the whole process! I would recommend Sama Al-gharbia to anyone who is looking for a new vehicle.At a high level of quality and speed, Sama Al Gharbia provided all their experiences and efforts with comfort and safety at a reasonable price.Ali
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