Genuine Parts

Foton Genuine Parts

Our Goals

We Make The Quality

The quality of the materials ensures the durability and long-lasting strength of all Sama Al-gharbia parts. So that the spare parts of Sama Al-gharbia are subject to examination and the exact quality of each part of the parts to ensure that it is at the level and standards required which are characterized by Sama Al-gharbia

Safety First

Sama Al-gharbia guarantees you safety by producing the finest and finest spare parts. Thousands of tests are performed to ensure that their parts perform better and better.


Highlight and choose the option

The choice of  Sama Al-gharbia spare parts suits you perfectly and suits your style, which ensures the best design and strength of the car and a high level of beauty.


Each part of the chassis plays a major role in the quality of the vehicle. Where the industrial Sama Al-gharbia keep pace with the continuous technological tests during the manufacturing of its cars, making it the top of the list of the strongest and most powerful car companies worldwide

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