Service centers

Beladi the exclusive agent of after sells services in Iraq for Sama Al gharbia automotive car


Why select Beladi for Service?

because some parts are more affected by time and by distance traveled, so  Regular servicing is very important to ensure the long-term reliability and safety of your car,  which is coming first of our priorities.

for example, in case of the oil Its an important protective and fundamental property to the well being of your engine, but it is affected by a time, especially if you’re doing short trips and lots of stops / start driving. Other systems which rely on lubricants and parts affected by time rather than distance traveled include manual and automatic transmissions, brake systems, oil, fuel and air filters.

     we promise to:


  •  you and your needs are our priorities. you are number One.
  • To work on your service we use highly trained staff with high-quality tools from Sama Al-gharbia.
  •  A Quality Control check will be done on your car before the handover and issue a Quality Control certificate.
    The detailed explanation will be provided for you.
  •  Guarantee all Genuine Sama al-gharbia  Parts and Service work for 6 months on parts and will meet your satisfaction.

Our services centers

Beladi Service Center - ALResafa

Alresafa Baghdad- 52nd Street – near Karrada Court

Beladi Service Center - Alkarikh

Baghdad- AlShalchia – AlMuthana airport road

Beladi Service Center - AlBasra

Hamdan Industrial Contractors, behind Volvo Workshop

Beladi Service Center Erbil

Street 100 next to Hokku Fuel Filling Station.

Beladi Service Center AlNajaf

Aden district near the tire factory.

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